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  • A & A Helper

    A & A Helper

    Additional A&A functionality including programmatic events for:  Form Load Form Assign Form Clear Form On New Form On Change Ability to allow Approval Codes to be limited to specific companies.

  • A&A Rules in AP Payment Selections

    A&A Rules in AP Payment Selections

    This App adds functionality to allow A&A rules to be used to filter the selection of AP Invoice and Credit Notes for Payment. It gives an additional option when selecting suppliers/invoices for payment, It adds a “Rule” button which...

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  • Advanced Exception Handler

    Advanced Exception Handler

    This App replaces the default Greentree handler. When an exception occurs, the App emails a screen-shot of the active form and details of the issue to an email address specified in the App's Module Control. This additional information will allow...

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  • Advanced Freight Module

    Advanced Freight Module

    If your business relies on error-free Distribution this App will pay for itself in weeks!How much margin would you save if you never charged the wrong freight or gave away free-freight unnecessarily, again? What about preventing orders going out with the...

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  • Advanced SO Carrier

    Advanced SO Carrier

    The Advanced SO Carrier App allows users to select a Carrier during Sales Order Entry and to select a label option when completing a packing slip. There are currently 2 label options available: generate a file extract for UPS (XML format) select a...

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  • Alert Rule Utility

    Alert Rule Utility

    The Alert Rule Utility App lets you easily manage all Alert rules on a site. It provides an enquiry function on all Alert rules setup within a system. The enquiry shows what tabs of the rule maintenance are used, whether the rule is active, and if it...

  • AP Supplier Purchase History Tab

    AP Supplier Purchase History Tab

    Do you find it hard to know what products or services you've bought from a Supplier other than having to drill into each invoice to see what is on it? With this App, we have added a new "Purchase History" tab to the Supplier Maintenance and Enquiry...

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  • AR Combined Billing

    AR Combined Billing

    This App works with the AR module. Based on setting up specific customers are parent/child customers and then marking all of the group as a combined billing group the system will them allow users to generate AR invoices as per normal but will not allow...

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  • AR Invoice Printed Flag

    AR Invoice Printed Flag

    This app controls whether the “is printed” flag is able to be edited on AR Invoice Maintenance form for the user. Note that changing the flag is only possible if the invoice is not Read-Only.

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  • Audit Logging & Reporting

    Audit Logging & Reporting

    Need to Audit and report on changes to key records? This must-have compliance App lets you configure audit logging down to field level and provides reporting and on-screen viewing of audit records.   Features You can configure audit logging on...

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