Installing & Registering Apps

What Does "Ease of Setup" mean?

The Ease of Setup graphic gives you an indication of how easy it will be to configure an App ready for use in your system. 

  • Plug & Play - Nothing to do once your Consultant registers the App.
  • Read the User Guide - Some configuration and/or user training is required.
  • Super Users only - A moderate amount of configuration and/or user training is required.
  • Call your Consultant - A moderate amount of planning and configuration is required.
  • Consultants only - A significant amount of planning and configuration is required.

Even though an App only costs a fraction of what you'd pay for an equivalent Customisation, it may still require planning and consultation to ensure it works in your business with your processes and your mix of Greentree modules. 

But don't worry! The majority of Apps can be enabled with minimal fuss.

How are Apps installed?

Apps are installed and managed through a maintenance screen in your Greentree system. 

Installing an App is often as simple as copying and pasting your unique Registration Code into the maintenance screen, then clicking on Install App. 

In some cases there will be additional set-up steps necessary to configure the App and other elements of your Greentree system. These can usually be found in the User Guide for the App (a free download from the App's page on this web-site)

Your Registration Codes will be sent to your Greentree Reseller for installation. Where additional configuration is required we recommend you work with your consultant to ensure the App works with your existing processes.

Please note: you may have to upgrade to a newer version of Greentree in order to take advantage of the latest Apps. Information about which version of Greentree an App was first released for is shown on the relevant App's page on this web-site.

How often are updates released and how do I get them?

We only support Greentree’s quarterly certified packages, but we release updates (patches and new functionality) once a week on that certified package.  The updates are available to your Greentree reseller from our FTP site.

What if I don't want the Apps any more?

It is very simple - a Super User (usually your Greentree Reseller) can turn off individual Apps if you don’t want to use them any more. 

Once the AppsForGreentree package is loaded, your Reseller will still need to load the Apps packages when a Greentree upgrade is done even if you’re no longer using any. If you don’t intend using any Apps ever again, your Reseller can run the Apps de-install process.