Introducing the Cashflow Forecast App for MYOB Greentree

Introducing the Cashflow Forecast App for MYOB Greentree

Posted by Andrew Finn on 7th Jul 2020

If managing cashflow is important to you, we’ve got the solution. With the brand-new Cashflow Forecast App, this crucial aspect of business management is made easy, fast, and accurate. The App lets you visualise and plan cashflow by drawing on data in MYOB Greentree, while equipping you to play out projections and scenarios based on your inputs, estimations, and anticipations.

The Cashflow Forecast App was developed in response to a clear need which has emerged from our MYOB Greentree user base. As an ERP solution, MYOB Greentree does a great job of managing of multiple aspects of your business, from the balance sheet through to logistics, warehousing, sales and more. With the new App, the power of existing data is fully exposed, so you get immediate visibility of cashflow movements ‘at the minute’ and into the future.

Most business owners have an instinctive understanding of the necessity for staying on top of cashflow because it’s so obvious: poor cashflow = stress. But just how clear the need for a better way of doing it is shown in research from US Bank (cited in Preferred CIO) which notes that up to 82% of companies that go out of business fail because of poor cashflow visibility and management. It’s a scary number which underpins why knowing your cash position is so vital to understanding how well your business is placed at any time.

The missing link, though, is a tool which doesn’t just make this crucial function easier, but also more accurate. And that’s precisely where the Cashflow Forecast App comes into play.

Let’s take a look, then, at what the App does for you.

  • In providing a view and forecasts of your cashflow in the short to mid-term, the app includes both a table and graph view. It pulls in data from Greentree including customer invoices, supplier invoices, standing payments/invoices and eDocs. Real-time information is updated to the App as soon as it is processed in Greentree
  • Forecasting inwards cash is based on the date customers usually pay during the month, versus the invoice due date if these differ. Payments are forecast based on the days when you usually pay suppliers (if this differs to their standard payment terms), with forecast dates manually updated on an individual invoice level.
  • The App has been designed to reflect how things happen in the real world. An example is the ability to process split payment terms for individual invoices if required, while forecasts and scenario planning are further enhanced by giving you the ability to create manual transactions. This is handy either as a placeholder for actual future transactions or to simulate what-if scenarios like bank transfers.
  • With the App, you can see how the company bank balances are likely to move daily, weekly or monthly. And you can see it all instantly at a glance, without the need for any complicated spreadsheets or guesswork.

Best of all, installing the Cashflow Forecast App is so simple and fast you can do it yourself in minutes.

Accurate cashflow forecasting is among most reliable tools in your arsenal to get a better understanding of your business. Cash is the lifeblood of your business, and the Cashflow Forecast App helps keep the company heart beating.

Check it out on the Apps for Greentree site, and be sure to view our video on how to install and configure the App.

Available in three options, Basic, Premium and Enterprise. A free 30-day trial is available, so download and install now to give it a go.