What is an App?

What is an App?

It's a piece of add-on functionality that is designed to work seamlessly with Greentree. Apps are not smart-phone or tablet programs, they actually sit within your Greentree system. They can take the form of screen customisations, new end-to-end process, additional reports and scripts, new spread sheet functions, or complete modules.

Apps are activated in your Greentree system by:

  • A one-off installation of the Apps Framework.
    This will normally incur a cost with your Greentree Reseller for between 1 and 2 hours work and require a restart of your system.

  • Ongoing loads of update packs as you upgrade your Greentree system over time.
    This should not add to your upgrade costs.

  • Installation of a Registration Code for each new App.
    This is a simple operation, that can be done in minutes, by a consultant or an experienced Greentree user and does not require a restart of your system.

Suggest an App 

Can't find what you need or have a brilliant idea for a new App, Report, Function, Script or Module? Contact us and we'll pass it on to the Developers for consideration. If your idea is taken up, you'll get free use of the App for life.

Who is behind AppsForGreentree.com?

AppsForGreentree.com Ltd is a New Zealand based company. It acts as a sales agent and clearing house for Developers who offer their Apps for sale through www.AppsForGreentree.com.

AppsForGreentree.com is responsible for combining the program source-code supplied by each of the Developers into a single installation & update package that can be loaded into your Greentree System. AppsForGreentree.com is also responsible for issuing registration codes for Apps and sending subscription renewal notices.

Is MYOB involved?

AppsForGreentree is entirely independent of MYOB, the company that develops the Greentree ERP system.

MOYB plays no part in developing, promoting or distributing Apps and does not explicitly or implicitly endorse AppsForGreentree or any available Apps. However, the conduct of the Developers in developing Apps is subject to the terms of their Value Added Developer agreements with MYOB. These terms include a requirement to lodge all App source code with Greentree as an Escrow agent.

Who develops the Apps?

The Apps currently offered on AppsForGreentree.com are developed by a number of MYOB Greentree Resellers and authorised Value Added Developers (VADs) based in New Zealand.