Subscription & Licensing

How do I renew App Subscriptions? (please refer below for scraping subscriptions)

About 30 days before your Apps subscriptions are due for renewal, a reminder message will pop up each time your Super User logs into Greentree. It looks something like this:

You may renew your Apps either by:

  1. Placing a new order on for the Apps you want to renew and making payment on-line, or
  2. Emailing details of the Apps you want to renew to

    Include these Company details (if they are not already in your email signature):
    - Company Name
    - Contact Name
    - Contact Email Address

    Include the following payment details:
    - Credit Card Number
    - Name on the card
    - Expiry Date
    - Security Code (3 or 4 digits) 

    Confirm that you are authorised to purchase Apps on behalf of your company.

How do I renew my eDocs Scraping subscription?

All scraping applications are now managed directly with MYOB, please contact the MYOB team directly at to renew your scraping subscription.

What are the licence terms for Apps?

Unless otherwise indicated, Apps are purchased on an annual subscription basis - you pay one annual charge to use the App for a 12 month period, no matter how many users you have.

What if I don’t need an App any more?

If you no longer want to use an App your Greentree Reseller can turn it off through the App Manager screen.

Can I re-activate an App I have turned off?

Yes. Even if your previous subscription has expired, you can order the App again. As soon as your Greentree Reseller enters the new registration key, your App will be live again. Any data you entered when the App was first active will have been retained.

Can I get a partial refund if I turn an App off?

No. Apps are purchased on an annual subscription basis with payment being due in advance. A refund is not available if you later choose to turn off an App.

What happens if I don’t renew my App next year?

When the subscription expiry date is reached the App will cease to work. Your data will not be lost as it is still stored within the Greentree Database, although you may wish to order the App again if you need access to that data at some later date.