Purchase Orders

Purchasing requirements – for customer orders, replenishment, unique agreements, linking to jobs / sales – are easily supported. With financial integration, the impact on cash flow can be forecasted.

  • Change Supplier on PO Entry

    This App enables you to change the supplier on an existing Purchase Order, even if a supplier has already been specified. The App adds a new button underneath the Supplier section. When clicked, a pop up box allows the user to select a new supplier...

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  • Invoice Preview

    o you want a quick way to look at your invoices before you send them? Want to see how the narration is appearing or what is being consolidated on a job cost invoice? Invoice Preview is the answer. Just one click and you can preview an...

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  • Transaction User Defined Fields

    Want to capture additional fields on an invoice, sales order, credit note, or journal? Or any document dealing with customers, suppliers, inventory or GL accounts? This App lets you create any number of additional user defined fields and then...

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