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  • Change Supplier in selected receipt tab

    This App provides the ability In AP Invoice entry on the receipt tab, to select Receipts entered for a different supplier.  This would be used where a purchase order and receipt have been entered against an incorrect supplier, or where the supplier...

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  • Change Supplier on PO Entry

    This App enables you to change the supplier on an existing Purchase Order, even if a supplier has already been specified. The App adds a new button underneath the Supplier section. When clicked, a pop up box allows the user to select a new supplier...

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  • Copy AR Invoice

    This App will add a button to AR Invoice Entry to allow easy duplication of invoice contents. The same functionality is available in AR Credit Notes entry. There is no restriction on the status of the invoice or credit note being copied when creating a...

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  • Copy Clever Table Settings

    The Copy Clever Table Settings provides a tool for the following: Gives you the ability to copy clever table settings from a single user to one or many other users within Greentree. When setting up a new company, the clever table settings can be...

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  • Copy User Preferences and Menu Security

    Got multiple companies and find it frustrating to set up a new user with the same preferences and menu security for each one? Or want to set up a new user by copying an existing user's settings for all companies? Or need to set up a new company and copy...

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  • Create a BOM or Buy-In from a CRM Quote

    Functionality to convert IN Lines on a CRM Quote to a Bill Of Materials or Buy-In Stock. This App works in association with and is dependent on the Quick Entry of Buy-in Stock & POs App (010048). Features The App adds a “Create...

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