Job Cost Management

Manage job and projects costs with greater efficiency and profitability.

  • JC Sales Code Long Description

    JC Sales Code Long Description

    This App gives you the ability to have a Sales Code Maintenance Description that is up to 60 characters long in addition to the standard description that can only be up to 30 characters long.Available to select in COM Interface and Report WriterThis new...

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  • Job Transaction Entry

    Job Transaction Entry

    This new screen is a real timesaver if you have a job sheet and need to create multiple transactions against a job at the same time (like stock issues, timesheets for multiple people, etc). Your alternative is to go to each transaction entry screen and...

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  • JC WIP To GL Reconciliation Tool

    JC WIP To GL Reconciliation Tool

    If you're having trouble reconciling the WIP in your Job Cost system to your General Ledger WIP accounts, then you cannot do without this app. Or want to understand and analyse your WIP, or WIP movement by period using any job fields (like customer, job...

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