Supply Chain & Distribution

Gain confidence in your entire supply process from order to delivery.

  • 2D Barcoded

    2D Barcoded

    This App allows 2D Barcodes to be scanned and interpreted on the Advanced Despatch Check Screen and all Serial/Lot number entry.Data is encoded into a barcode based on the GS1 General Speciļ¬cation, these barcodes can be 1D or 2D, the ability to read the...

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  • SO Buffer Forecast Orders

    SO Buffer Forecast Orders

    This App adds SO Buffer/Forecast Order functionalityThis enables a company to manage stocks of product where they have a commitment to always have a certain amount available for a customer – Buffer stock, or where a customer has agreed to purchase...

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  • Inventory Product Plan

    Inventory Product Plan

    This App adds a Product Plan tab to the Inventory Enquiry showing future movements. This is to provide a projected stock position for a stock Item, taken into account all outstanding orders and expected receipts and other stock movements affecting the...

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  • Inventory Dimensions

    Inventory Dimensions

    Inventory Dimensions This App will allow mass creation of multiple stock items from a master, using predefined dimensions and then selection of stock items in both Sales Order Entry and Purchase Order Entry based on dimension data.    

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  • AR Credits from CRM Requests

    AR Credits from CRM Requests

    Link inventory transactions to CRM Calls This app gives you the ability to link inventory transactions to CRM Calls. This might be done to assist in monitoring; Goods being returned Goods sold and needing service or repair Goods to be modified...

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  • Automated Stocktake

    Automated Stocktake

    This app gives you the ability to have the system generate stocktake counts based on how often you want to count items within a specified period. Stocktake cycles are setup that determine the number of times an item should be counted within a cycle...

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  • Advanced SO Carrier

    Advanced SO Carrier

    The Advanced SO Carrier App allows users to select a Carrier during Sales Order Entry and to select a label option when completing a packing slip. There are currently 2 label options available: generate a file extract for UPS (XML format) select a...

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  • Change Supplier on PO Entry

    Change Supplier on PO Entry

    This App enables you to change the supplier on an existing Purchase Order, even if a supplier has already been specified. The App adds a new button underneath the Supplier section. When clicked, a pop up box allows the user to select a new supplier...

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